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Lil' Risky went to his second cat show last week and did well.  He finaled in three rings and continues to like the attention the show halls provide to him.  We are pleased and will be showing him again next week.  We haved nicknamed him Bisquits, since he just loves to sit and purr and knead whatever he happens to be on.   He is going to be a big boy.

Lil Risky


Masquerag Staccato is a breeding male that was loaned to us by Sharon Steadman.  He is a "pet hog", if anyone wants to pet a cat he is there to get his share.  This lovable Seal Point Mitted boy has already provided us with some very lovable and well patterned kittens and is a wonderful dad that is very involved with his or anyone else's babies.


Staccato's Pedigree
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Lil' Risky is our newest boy and is fitting in well already.  He is from Liz Thurman's Bordeaux Ragdolls.  His dad, Risky Business, gave us his idea for his name.  Lil' Risky continues to like to be taken to cat shows and as long as he likes it we will continue to show him.  He is going to be a big boy.  He is already about 12 lbs at just 6 months of age.   


George Strait is our boy from Staccato and Madison's first litter.  We kept him to use in our breeding program.  He has his Mom's good looks and has passed that on as well as his large size to kittens in a couple of our litters.  Staccato could care less at being the big boy around the house, but George thinks he needs to strut around a bit and let us know that at least in his mind he should be the king. 


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