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Heavenspride Cattery

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Heavenspride Ragdolls

We have posted some new pictures of all the kittens taken on 11/11.

Cannon's kittens are all that are left.  Paris's babies are all with their new parents. 

Heavenspride cattery is an underfoot cattery.  All of our cats are members of our family.  All the cats live in our house or in the cat room that we made from enclosing a covered section of our patio. 
As members of our family, our cats tend to be a bit spoiled.  They are allowed to roam the house freely and pretty much do as they please.
We have been showing cats in TICA for about four years and just recently started to show in CFA events.  We have been blessed with having the help of Sharon Steadman, of Masquerag Dolls, at getting our small Ragdoll Cattery going.  With hers and many others help we are embarking on the development of a cattery that produces healthly and quality Ragdolls that we can show and both us and others can enjoy.

Masqerag & Latte Dolls Website - Sharon Steadman



Our First Ragdoll - Audrey Ann
Until recently Audrey had only been shown in the Household Pet Class in TICA.  In October 2005 she showed in her first CFA show as an alter.  She did wonderfully.  She made Premiership in her first show and took a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places in allbreed judging in the Premier class.  Since this show was also a special Ragdoll show, she was also awarded "Best Female Ragdoll Premier in Show" and "2nd Best Premier Ragdoll in Show" by the Ragdoll Breed Club that was co sponsoring the show.  We are so proud of her.



Heavenspride Cattery
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CFA Cattery # 212810
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Sheila DePoorter
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