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Paris and Staccato's kittens are all in their new homes.  The little girl delayed the departure of the last two for a couple weeks while she healed up from her spray surgery, but hopefully her new mom thinks she was worth the wait.
Cannon's kitten's are still with us and available for adoptation.  All the babies  are healthy and one of the more socialized litters we have ever had.  They sleep with us and when we are home they are always with us.
There is one seal mitted boy, a seal mitted female with a blaze, and a seal bicolor male.
Drop us a line if you are interested in a kitten from Cannon's litter. 
Click on the pictures to get a larger version.

Cannon's boys on 9/30.

Paris & Taco with Kittens

All of Paris's kittens are in new homes, we thank their new parents and hope the kittens bring them much joy for years to come.
Cannon's litter is still with us and turning into a great bunch of kittens.  They are very social and like to sleep with us.  Of course playing and exploring the house are big on their list of things to do.  Their coats are finally coming in and are looking good.  All of them love to get attention and good at giving it back as well.  They each have some slight flaws, like a bit of color on their back legs, but their personalities more than make up for them.
The little girl with a blaze is a sweetheart who likes to be talked to and to talk back which is not all that normal for Ragdolls.  The seal bicolor boy is the biggest and is a real purr cat.  The seal mitted boy is a real play cat, he is usually the one that starts all the action and he is normally the one that will get in trouble as well.  He discovered toilet paper the other day and found it great fun to pull it all around the bathroom.  He also likes his people and getting a good rub from them is recieved with a constant purr. 
If you are interested in a kitten from Cannon's litter please drop us an email or a call.

Paris and her Kittens on July 22nd

Sydney and George's Kittens

Paris and Gilmore's Litter

Sidney and George's First Litter

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