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Cannon has the same mom as Madison and Hollywood, Nike of Latte Dolls.  She is a great looking blue mitted girl.  She has just moved into our house and is settling in.  She will allow us to continue the success we had with Madison and Hollywood.


This is Sydney, she is a big seal bicolor that came from Dynamic Ragdolls. She is a pretty girl that likes to get a bit of attention, but doesn't have any problem just sitting around looking good.  She has really nice eyes and a good coat, but her best attribute is her size, she is solid and as big as both of our boys.  We hope that her kittens will carry her great demeanor and size.  

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We have been trying to diversify our cattery a bit and with some planning, we were able to finally keep one of our own girls to add to our future moms.  Savannah was Paris and Gilmore's kitten, and since her dad is not related to ours, we were able to keep her.  She is growing well and looks like she is likely to take over the top girl spot with Madison gone.
In addition to Savannah, it looks like we be adding another blue mitted girl (not Lynx Point) from Latte Dolls cattery.  Cannon had the same mom as Maddie and Hollywood and will allow us to keep that fine background in our program.  
Lastly, but certainly not least, another new girl, a Seal Bicolor cutie, just came home to us with Cannon.  She too is a Latte Dolls kitten, and we have decided to call her Cheyenne.     



Paris came to us from Scotty Cone's Rags2Riches Cattery in North Carolina.  She and Audrey Ann are a bit alike, but Paris seems to get along with everyone where as Audrey wants to believe she is the only girl in the house.  Paris is producing very nice kittens, she doesn't seem to have large numbers in her litters, but they are generally well patterned and large healthly babies.  She is a good mom, but doesn't seem to ever be satisfied with where we would like her to have her babies, she would rather pick the spot herself. 


Savannah is a Blue Lynx Point Mitted girl from Paris and Gilmore.  She started out as a little girl with a short tail, but now she has a great tail and is starting to look like she will be a big girl.  She has a strong but sweet disposition.  We think that with a little bit of help from one of our boys, she will produce some great kittens.  It will be a while as we will probably wait until she is about a year old before breeding her.  Until then she is finding her spot in the house.  She loves Staccato and is getting to know Lil' Risky.  Sydney and her are good buds and enjoy each others company.  


This little girl has just joined us, we finally decided to name her Cheyenne, this picture is terrible, looks like she was having a bad hair day.  She is a lovable seal bicolor from the Latte Dolls Cattery. 


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